GCSE Online English Language Summer School

Key Facts
  • Starts Flexible
  • Course Type Part Time
  • Duration 12 Weeks
  • You Need 1 Requirements needed View


The course is an introduction to English GCSE to give you an idea of what skills will be needed to study GCSE. The course is taught online through very detailed, clear, well-organised materials which enable you to study each week at times of your choosing.

What will I learn

Explore English terminology to understand how language is put together. Analysis texts to explore how authors create effects and manipulate readers. Explore how writers present their points of view.

How will I learn

The focus of the course is firmly on independent study using TEAMS. A variety of resources will be available to cover all the topics required. These include: • Online live classes through Teams. • Tutorial videos created especially for you by your tutor. • Online assignments and exam style questions. • Peer and tutor support. • PowerPoint presentations • Online quizzes to check your knowledge.

What's next

After the introductory course you may wish to study GCSE or Functional skills. GCSE English is required in many professions such as teaching or nursing. It can also lead to A Levels and is a good foundation for enrolling on Access to Higher Education.

Additional Information

How much does the course cost? Free, for those who do not have an A* to C /9-4 grade GCSE. What kit/uniform do I need? You will need access to the internet and a laptop/desk top computer. A notepad and pen will also be useful. Although you may be used to learning about grammar and vocabulary because of your early education years, you should know that this course is more advanced, therefore more interesting than ever before. During the course, you will examine fiction and non-fiction texts, you will also consider how you approach writing and, of course, there will be an element of spelling, punctuation and grammar to cover. By analysing and comparing texts, you will be able to improve on your ability to interpret the author’s messages and in turn improve your own communication skills.

You will develop key, transferable skills which may benefit you in other studies or in the outside world
You have the opportunity of further study in a recognised qualification which is the first step to securing further study or employment
Better written skills will impact on your ability to get noticed and provide a strong foundation to grow in your desired workplace
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