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How do I borrow books?

Approach the LRC desk, with your student ID card, if you are not on our system you will be asked for certain details. You then become a member of the LRC for one year or the duration of your course if this is less.

How many books may I borrow?

The number of books depends on your course. The minimum is FOUR, maximum FIFTEEN.

How long may I keep them?

Most books are issued for FOUR weeks. Books considered to be in high demand, for ONE WEEK ONLY. Reference books and DVD’s may NOT be borrowed.

Can I renew books?

Standard loan (Four Week) books can be renewed once as long as they are not overdue or reserved for other users. Week only loans cannot be renewed.

Can I reserve books?

Yes at the Help Desk. You can also reserve and search for books using the LRC site on Blackboard by entering the E-Resources page and clicking on the link in Heritage online. Thi is available within the College only.

What happens if I don’t bring my books back?

Out of consideration for other users, we do expect books to be returned on or before the due date stamped inside the book. The standard charge for overdue books is 50p per item per day on weekly loans and 25p per item per day on monthly loans. This does not include weekends or holidays.

If not returned on time you will receive an overdue letter, failure to respond will result in further action.

You will not be able to loan other books until overdue books are returned. Upon completion of your course, all books must be returned before your certificate will be released.
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