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How do I use the computers?

You will need to approach the LRC desk to book a computer. You will be instructed about your login, password and printing by a staff member. Computer use is for a maximum of 2 hours which may be extended if computers are not in high demand.

Will I be able to use the Internet?

Yes. The LRC has an I.T. Code of Conduct which must be observed, it is a breach of college regulations (and therefore a disciplinary offence) to access unsuitable material. Do not download any programs, chat rooms, or games.

Can I use e-mail?

Only to retrieve or send coursework to yourself or your tutor, please use Google Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.

Will I get help with my research?

A member of staff will always be willing to help you. Most students receive an induction to the LRC at the start of their course, but this does not prevent you from asking for individual help at any time.

Netbook use

Netbooks are for use within the college (except construction workshops or hair/beauty salons). You will be issued a netbook using your student badge which will be retained by the LRC and returned when Netbook is returned (max of 2hrs) Netbooks will not be issued on a day pass or without a student badge. Netbooks are not allowed outside of the college. You will be asked to read and sign a Netbook Borrowing Agreement.

Non Conformance

Any instances of unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with, which will result in suspension of borrowing/computer facilities.
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