What started out as a hobby to help her husband has turned into a new career path for Laura.

Social Services worker Laura, 29, from Whitby started out as a self-taught bookkeeper for her husband’s business and enjoyed it so much she decided on a change of career. In order to progress she felt she needed the correct qualifications if she was serious about becoming an accountant.

As a mother of two and also still working full-time, Laura needed a course that would fit around her busy schedule.

Laura said: “The course was amazing, I was able to study in the evening which worked well around my work and family life. Dave, the tutor, was great, I studied the Level 2 and Level 3 with him and even in lockdown due to Covid-19, he supported us all, no matter the circumstances. His experience and knowledge was a real inspiration."

After successfully completing the Level 3 course, Laura has set up her own bookkeeping business and already has a lot of client interest.

She added: “It was really scary to leave what I knew and start on my own but I took the risk and so far, it’s going great. Dave has continued to be a great support network for me, even after the course has come to an end. This new job fits so well around my childcare and I’m so grateful I was able to join the course and get the qualifications I needed.”

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